# Java CodeSpaces

You can work with the new Java Curriculum modules either by cloning the module and starting VSCode, or by starting a Github Codespace.

  1. Start from the repo page for one of the modules, such as Level0-Module0 (opens new window)
  2. Fork. Fork or Use the template.( Forking is actually easier because it sets the name for you and allows updates. )
  3. Start Codespace. Click on the green <> Code v button, then on the Codespaces tab. Create a new Codespace on Master
  4. Run Some Code. In the VSCode window, run your code! If you are in the Level0-Module0 repo, open src/_02_code_flow/_1_robot_square/RobotSquare.java, then either:
  • Click the run button in the upper right
  • Click on the Run/Debug icon in the left-side menu, then select "RobotSquare" from the pull down menu and click the run button.
  1. Open VNC. In the botton panel, lick on the PORTS tab, then Hover over the cell for "Forwarded Address" and "VNC_Web (6080)". You should get a popup World Icon. Click on it to open a VNC window.
  • Or, click on the third popup button, "Preview in Editor" to see a browser window in the VSCode editor.
  1. Log In VNC. The VNC password is "code4life"